About Victory Temple

Here at Victory Temple, we embrace teaching and preaching the absolute, infallible unadulterated word of God.  We care about you and understand that the bible is necessary and essential in solving your perplexities.  We have a traditional yet refreshing approach to church in this modern day.  We are committed to changing the world with the word of God.

HOW?  We take the core issues of today and from a biblical worldview, present them in a way that is REAL, ARTICULATE, BRAVE, and FUN.  

Our mission is to win the unsaved to Christ; teach the believer to develop a biblical worldview and to adequately defend the faith; to be a church that is relevant to empower the believer spiritually, socially, and economically.
Victory Temple Ministries began back in 2007 when founding pastor, Djuan Rich Sr.,  accepted God’s call.  Like most new beginnings, it was an exciting and scary time.  Our first service was on February 4, 2007 at the local Holiday Inn Express.  The conference room was turned into a sanctuary and quickly grew to capacity.  IMG_0027
Our first six months were spent at this facility until we eventually were blessed with our current sanctuary located at 300 Rogers Street in Holly Springs, N.C.  Just six months after acquiring the building in Holly Springs, Victory Temple purchased 23 acres of land.
The Rich family and the church family have seen many ups and downs, but God has continued to provide.  Through His amazing guidance, God gave Pastor Rich the vision of “The City of Victory.”  
future land sign_2
Today, we continue to write a new chapter.  Through God’s direction, wise leadership and much teamwork, the 23 acres of land was paid off just before reaching our 9 years of existence.  Our community is growing, our worship is blossoming, and our teaching is more relevant than it has ever been.  
Please join us.  We’d love for you to be a part of this next chapter in the Victory Temple story!